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I adore reading and have very wide and varied taste.  Some of my favorite genre's include historical fiction, memoirs, fantasy and non-fiction.  Some of my best-loved titles are Sandcastle girls, Poisonwood bible, Daughter of the forest, Knife of never letting go, The snow child, The glass castle and Wolf Hall.  I love Juliet Marillier, Jodi Picoult, Philippa Gregory, Deon Myer and Bill Bryson.  I read approximately 120 books a year, and I try to keep my reviews short and to the point, so you can spend less time reading them and more time reading the books you'll enjoy.  Happy reading!

1920 Paris comes alive!

The Bones of Paris: A Novel of Suspense - Laurie R. King
when art is indistinguishable from real life, it comes alive. And when it lives, it changes the viewer.

I read the Beekeeper's apprentice many moons ago, and loved it. When I selected The Bones of Paris, I did not realize that this was the second book in one the author's other series. None the less I also enjoyed it, especially the descriptions of 1920 Paris. It felt like I could see, hear and smell the city. I also enjoyed her inclusion of historical characters like Ernest Hemingway and Man Ray into a fiction title. Although I liked the protagonist, Harris Stuyvesant, I found him to be a bit too much of a P.I. stereotype. I am quite sure I would have enjoyed this book even more if I read the first in the series Touchstone. I was especially intrigued by a character from this first book, who made a brief appearance in Bones of Paris - Bennet Grey. I have already bought the second book in the Mary Russel series, and look forward to reading it.

The Story: Harris Stuyvesant will have to descend into the darkest depths of perversion to find a killer . . . sifting through The Bones of Paris.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/652376581