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I adore reading and have very wide and varied taste.  Some of my favorite genre's include historical fiction, memoirs, fantasy and non-fiction.  Some of my best-loved titles are Sandcastle girls, Poisonwood bible, Daughter of the forest, Knife of never letting go, The snow child, The glass castle and Wolf Hall.  I love Juliet Marillier, Jodi Picoult, Philippa Gregory, Deon Myer and Bill Bryson.  I read approximately 120 books a year, and I try to keep my reviews short and to the point, so you can spend less time reading them and more time reading the books you'll enjoy.  Happy reading!

A nice beach read

The Wishing Thread: A Novel - Lisa Van Allen
There is, of course, always a question - a question of the difference between what is real and what is true. A thing can be true without being real. You may not grasp this entirely, but don't worry. This is the nature of faith, of magic, of a good life's work.

This was a sweet, easy-reading book about knitting spells and the relationship between sisters. For me it was also about accepting your own destiny, and the different ways people try and avoid doing this. The story started strong, but unravelled towards the end. It felt like some situations where forced to a closure. There were a lot of lose threads at the end of the story. That said, I still enjoyed it. Sometimes you only need a light snack and not a three course meal when reading. The Wishing Thread is perfect beach reading.

The story: The Van Ripper sisters—Aubrey, Bitty, and Meggie—are said to knit people’s most ardent wishes into beautiful scarves and mittens, granting them health, success, or even a blossoming romance. But for the magic to work, sacrifices must be made—and no one knows that better than the Van Rippers.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17262149-the-wishing-thread